All She Can Cluster - Illogic and randomness dictate the singular collages of Patricia Nix.

John Thomason, BOCA Magazine, January 1, 2018

After conquering the art market in the native Texas and spending 35 years in the hallowed art capital of New York City, Patricia Nix moved to Palm Beach because she wanted a quiet life. After three and a half years living and working in a sprawling second-story flat on Worth Avenue, she admits that "it hasn't worked out that way."

In fact, she may be busier than ever. Nix has been creating art since age 11 and has exhibited around the world, selling paintings for six figures in a career that has spanned six decades. But thanks to " American Baroque", a rapturously received retrospective at the Boca Raton Museum of Art last year, Nix has been discovered by new audiences. 

The show's opening brought more than 600 attendes to the museum, more than any summer unveiling in recent history. 





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